Theradome Laser Hair Growth Helmet Q&A

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What is the difference between lasers and LEDs for hair growth?

Lasers are monochromatic which means they have a single-color wavelength. LEDs are inexpensive and easy to make and can be often be seen in electronic equipment as an ON and OFF indicator. Lasers meet scientific standards and achieve hair growth results that LEDs could never achieve LED light spreads out and doesn’t have the narrow focus and follicle penetration that medical grade lasers do, making it way less effective.

The quality of hair growth lasers is more important than the quantity of them. Theradome’s medical grade lasers deliver 5x more dosage than caps containing 200-300 lasers. Our proprietary VL680 lasers are made in the US at the superior wavelength of 680 nanometers. This means that we can get much deeper and stimulate the hair follicle 2.5x more than at 650 nm so you can achieve faster and much better results for keeping and growing your hair back.

Theradome hair growth lasers penetrate up to 5 mm into the scalp with cool lasers that deliver a continuous optimum dosage throughout each 20-minute treatment session.

Why is the Theradome laser hair growth helmet a better option than a laser comb or laser band?

The Theradome is more convenient with its cordless, hands-free operation, and provides full scalp coverage. You can do other relaxed activities such as watching TV or read a book during your laser hair treatment.

Theradome lasers deliver at 680 nm penetrating deep into the scalp reaching the base of the hair follicles, depositing an energy dosage optimal for stimulation for a 20-minute laser hair growth treatment. Our lasers penetrate up to 5 mm into the scalp with cool lasers that continuously deliver the optimum dosage throughout each 20-minute treatment session.

A laser comb/brush provides far less coverage with lasers only delivering at 650 nm for less effective results and requires constant hand movement, not providing a constant and even dose. We are 427x more powerful than the laser comb/brush.

Laser bands also provide far less coverage, having to move to a different position every 30 seconds. This can be tiring, inconvenient, and it prevents you from going about your day. We are 57x more powerful than a laser band.

Why is FDA 501(k) and Health Canada clearance important for a laser hair therapy helmet?

The purpose of the FDA 510(k) is to validate the safety and effectiveness of a medical device. In order to protect people from false claims and dangerous medical equipment, the United States requires rigorous testing that includes laboratory and clinical trials to prove both safety and effectiveness. Data derived from these studies, which must meet specific requirements, are submitted to the FDA via a 510(k) submission form for review and clearance to legally market the medical device.

An FDA 510(k) clearance allows consumers to distinguish between proof and false claims concerning safety and efficacy. Only after gaining clearance–the acknowledgement that the device is safe and effective for public sale–is an FDA 510(k) clearance granted to the manufacturers of a medical device.

It is very important that any device you consider for purchase is FDA and Health Canada cleared. We advise you to visit the and website to check for a product’s FDA and Health Canada compliance status before reaching a decision.

For orders in Canada, what does the shipping charge?

We offer free shipping anywhere in Canada.  Please contact us at 647-492-9093 to place your order and provide us with your shipping information.

What is the best way to track my treatment progress?

Keeping a visual record is the easiest and most effective way of tracking your hair growth progress. Take photos of your hair before you begin your laser hair growth treatments and then at regular stages as you continue to use your Theradome.

Theradome Shipping, Delivery, Warranty, and Payment

Do you ship to countries outside Canada?

Yes. We ship our laser hair growth helmets to most countries outside of Canada.

Please note that customers shipping outside of the Canada are solely responsible for all duties, import taxes, and brokerage fees.

How long does the warranty last?

All Theradome PRO LH80 and Theradome EVO LH40 laser hair therapy helmets purchased through Theradome Inc. and authorized resellers come with a 1-year limited warranty. The warranty will be declared null and void for all laser helmets purchased from non-authorized resellers (for example, eBay). Theradome Inc. warrants its laser helmets against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of the original retail purchase. The 1-year warranty does not cover accidental damage or misuse.

How do I qualify for the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty?

We are an authorized reseller of Theradome. To register your device after your purchase, please fill in your information HERE to register your helmet and activate your warranty.

What financing options do you offer?

We offer easy, low-cost payments, available through our partnership with  You can apply online by clicking HERE

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Pay Pal.  Please contact us at 647-492-9093 for the latest pricing.

The Theradome Laser Helmet

How does the Theradome laser hair growth helmet work?

The Theradome PRO LH80 contains 80 proprietary lasers while the Theradome EVO LH40 contains 40 proprietary lasers. The lasers deliver at 680 nanometers, the optimal wavelength for the deepest penetration into the scalp of up to 5 mm into the hair follicle, ensuring optimal hair growth. It delivers maximum power by increasing its blood flow and allowing the nutrients your hair needs to stop hair loss, thicken existing hair, and promote new hair growth.

How will I benefit from Theradome laser hair treatments?

In our clinical studies, ALL participants benefited from using the Theradome laser hair growth helmets and experienced one or more of the following:

  1. A minimization and slowing down of hair loss,
  2. A doubling of hair follicle size for existing hair,
  3. New hair growth.

How long until I see results with Theradome's laser hair growth helmet?

Step 1: (4 – 18 weeks) Minimizing hair loss by slowing it down.

Step 2: (18 – 26 weeks) Reversing miniaturization by thickening existing hair.

Step 3: (26 – 52 weeks) Renewing and growing new hair.

Individual results may vary based on several factors including your current stage of hair loss, current health, possible existence of underlying medical conditions, and your genetics.

How do I determine if the Theradome is right for me?

Our Theradome laser hair growth helmet is designed to effectively treat the earlier stages of hair loss, I-1 to II-2 for women and IIA to V for men. The Savin Scale for women and the Norwood Scale for men measure overall thinning and density.  See the diagrams below to determine which stage best identifies your situation.

Norwood Scale for hair loss

Do I need to continue laser hair growth treatment if I achieved my desired results?

Once you achieve the desired results, we recommend a maintenance treatment schedule of two 20-minute sessions per week for the Theradome PRO LH80 and four 20-minute sessions per week for the Theradome EVO LH40. Laser hair therapy is similar to exercise – you have to integrate it in your lifestyle to continue enjoying the benefits.

How do I use the Theradome?

The Theradome laser hair growth helmet is very simple to use!

Step 1: Press the master switch to initiate treatment.

Step 2: Place the helmet on your head and the treatment will begin automatically.

Step 3: The helmet has a built-in speak that will provide voice command updating you on the status of your treatment.

Step 4: After 20 minutes, the Theradome will automatically turn off when the treatment is completed.

You can enjoy light activities during your treatment such as browsing the web, watching TV, or reading a book.

How many times a week should I use the Theradome laser helmet?

The Theradome PRO LH80 is recommended for 20 minutes a day, 2x a week.

When is the best time to use the Theradome?

The laser hair growth helmet can be used at any time. Maximize your laser phototherapy treatments by using your Theradome when your hair is damp (not wet) or towel-dried (not blow-dried) right after a shower so you can comb and expose the thinning areas in your scalp that might not be accessible when dry. Exposing those areas of your scalp will provide more light and dosage to those areas. You do not need to wet your hair every time.

Can I use the Theradome everyday?

Treatments are cleared by the FDA for twice-a-week usage for the PRO LH80 and four times per week for the EVO LH40, and we recommend following this regimen. However, we have had patients that use our laser hair therapy helmets every day with absolutely no side effects and excellent results.

If you decide to go beyond our twice-a-week recommended usage, please allow 12 hours of rest in between each treatment.

Does the Theradome laser hair growth helmet work on dark skin?

Laser phototherapy works on all skin types. While the Theradome is FDA cleared for Fitzpatrick Skin Types 1 – 4 (due to a limited number of subjects, data for skin types 5 and 6 is currently unavailable), we have had darker-skinned customers who have experienced great hair growth results with the Theradome. Fitzpatrick scale

Will the lasers reach my scalp if I have a somewhat full head of hair?

Yes, whether you have a full head of hair or don’t have much on your scalp, the laser diodes have been calibrated to penetrate through the individual hairs shafts and into the scalp and hair follicles.

How much does the Theradome weigh?

The Theradome PRO LH80 weigh slightly less than 16 ounces (one pound) and are very comfortable to wear.

How do I charge my Theradome?

There are two ways of charging the battery.

  1. Fully charge the device and then use it without charging it until it runs out of battery.
  2. Or put the helmet back on the charger after every treatment.

There are about 4-9 treatments per charge for the Theradome PRO LH80. How you want to charge your Theradome laser hair growth helmet is up to you.

Will the laser hair growth helmet fit my head?

The Theradome is designed to fit 98% of the population. The other 2% are those with generally smaller heads. Along with your Theradome, we provide you with foam pads to ensure a comfortable fit during your Theradome laser hair treatments.

How long does it take to charge the Theradome?

The Theradome will be fully charged in 3 hours or less.

Is the electrical adapter for the Theradome compatible with all international electrical outlets?

Our electrical products are UL-Listed, manufactured in compliance with U.S. standards, and can operate with electrical outlets between 100 – 240 V (50 Hz / 60 Hz).

Are the lasers dangerous?

The hair growth lasers in the Theradome are red, part of the visible spectrum of light, and will not cause damage to the eyes. Since the lasers are very bright, a three-step safety system has been implemented that prevents laser light from accidentally shining into your eyes. If you intentionally defeat this system, the lasers will still cause no harm, but we do not recommend staring into your Theradome for any reason.

Medical Questions

Are there any side effects from laser hair treatments?

There are no side effects from using the Theradome. This has been verified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada.

Can I use the Theradome if I have had a hair transplant?

The nation’s top hair restoration experts, such as Bosley Medical and Hair Club for Men, provide the Theradome to their patients. Its therapeutic hair growth effects work very well with pre-op patients and with those who are post-transplant.

Transplants cause trauma to nearby hairs. Using the Theradome laser hair growth helmet will alleviate these effects by providing extra energy and minimizing shock loss by 1) accelerating the healing process, 2) reducing redness/inflammation, 3) protecting neighboring hairs, and 4) encouraging transplanted hairs to grow faster.

Can I use Theradome laser hair therapy in conjunction with other hair loss treatments like finasteride and minoxidil?

Adding Theradome laser hair growth treatments to your current hair loss medication(s) will increase the rate and quality of your hair recovery. Please note that women cannot take Propecia (finasteride) or dutasteride.

Since these medications are known to cause shedding, you should NOT discontinue their use once starting your Theradome hair growth treatments. Please consult your physician to initiate a plan that will gradually decrease the dose of these medications over the course of 3 to 6 months.

Be sure not to have any topicals in your hair while undergoing a Theradome treatment. You can add them in afterwards.

Will using the Theradome help with dermatitis and itching?

Many of our customers have indicated that the Theradome has helped their scalp with various inflammatory scalp conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis (SD) since laser light improves the function of impaired cells caused by inflammatory conditions. We recommend that you contact your physician first regarding usage of Theradome with your condition.

I am in my 20s and my father and/or my mother is bald, can I use the Theradome to prevent hair loss?

It is much easier to prevent hair loss than it is to reactivate any dormant hair follicles. By using Theradome for laser hair treatments, you’ll reverse any potential hair miniaturization caused by androgenetic hair loss. As a result, your hair follicles will continue to receive the energy it needs through laser light therapy and will thicken and have new hair growth.

Is it ever too early to use the Theradome?

The Theradome laser hair growth helmet is FDA and Health Canada cleared for ages 18+ for men and women. It is never too early to use the Theradome since it helps with various stages of hair loss and will add volume to your hair, even if you haven’t yet experienced major hair loss. The Theradome can also be used as a preventative measure or simple for maintenance of healthy hair.

Can I use the Theradome while being treated for cancer?

If you are undergoing treatment for cancer, we recommend you contact your physician for any medical advice. Our laser hair growth helmet is not advised for those with scalp cancer as we have not clinically tested use with these patients.

We do recommend using it before and after your treatment. If you use the Theradome laser helmet before your treatment, you’re preparing your hair follicles, converting them into the growing phase (anagen). It prepares your hair for after your treatment, so you’ll end up having healthier hair.

Many recovering cancer patients that have used our helmets for hair restoration have experienced positive improvement in the quality of their hair.

We have had great feedback from many patients who have achieved results re-activating dormant hair follicles which have been affected by chemo treatments. Since there is nothing out there that has been developed specifically for chemotherapy-induced hiccups (CIH), we are excited about this potential new application. We recommend contacting your physician regarding usage of our device with your condition.

Can the Theradome cause cancer?

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is safe and has been around for decades and does not produce ionizing radiation. Over 1,500 scientific peer-reviewed papers support its benefits for bio-stimulation and hair growth. The lasers of the Theradome penetrate up to 5mm into the scalp with cool lasers to the base of both vellus and terminal hair follicles and do not penetrate the brain or skull. The Theradome is cleared by the FDA and Health Canada for safety and efficacy, and without any side effects.

Patients that have an Ommaya reservoir under their scalp need to consult their physician before undergoing LLLT for hair growth. Additionally, scalp cancer patients should refrain from using the Theradome, as we have not clinically tested use in these patients.

Can the Theradome help with hair loss or thinning after a pregnancy?

Pregnancies can cause hair to become brittle and thin. The Theradome laser hair growth helmet can help strengthen existing hairs and promote new hair growth.

Please note: We do not recommend using the Theradome while pregnant of breastfeeding. You can start using it after you are done breastfeeding.

Are there any medical conditions that may interfere with the effectiveness of low-level laser therapy?

Before considering any hair growth treatment, we recommend you visit a physician to properly diagnose the cause of your hair loss. If you have any underlying medical conditions such as thyroid disease, anemia, are taking any medications, or if you have any possible scalp conditions such as psoriasis, please visit your doctor to address these medical concerns. Any underlying medical conditions can be the cause for seeing slower than average results with your Theradome laser hair growth treatments.

Did the creator of Theradome have surgery or use pharmaceuticals while using the Theradome?

The creator and CEO of Theradome, former NASA scientist Tamim Hamid, did not have surgery but used Propecia which he stopped using 4 months after starting Theradome laser hair treatments. He’s thrilled with his results and continues Theradome treatments once a week for maintenance.

Housekeeping, Care, and Day-to-Day Usage

Can I share my Theradome with my family and friends?

The Theradome can be shared with your family and friends, however, the laser helmet’s counter will only track the total number of treatments – it cannot differentiate between users.

How do I clean my Theradome?

Your Theradome laser hair growth helmet can be cleaned by simply wiping the inside and outside with a cloth to remove any oils or residue. You do not need a special cleaner.

Should I shampoo every day?

We recommend shampooing 2 to 3 times a week.

What type of shampoo should I use while using the Theradome?

Since hair loss is often associated with inflammation and fungus, we recommend shampooing with medicated and anti-fungal shampoos to clean the hair, reduce inflammation of the scalp, and kill any fungus loads.

Are conditioners useful?

While shampoos are designed for the scalp, conditioners are designed for the hair. You can use any conditioner that softens your hair.

While undergoing a Theradome laser hair treatment, make sure your hair is free of any topicals, including stay-in conditioners. You can add them after your 20-minute session.

Can I travel with the Theradome on an airplane?

We have a lot of users who travel with their helmets in their luggage, carry on, and checked-in baggage with no issues. Some have even put their laser hair growth helmets under the seats on the airplane. You may want to double check with your airline carrier just to be sure. You may take the IFU (instructions for use) with you which shows what the device is used for. When travelling, we recommend using the white protective bag that came with your Theradome.